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Web Care & Content Plan (monthly)




We offer optional plans for your website as it is a big investment for the hub of your business growth. This is to help prevent initially investing in a gorgeous and functional l website only to eventually have the content and maintenance fall stagnant rendering it inefficient.
By offering our web care and web care + content plans, it guarantees that your site will be monitored and continuously maintained with its contents kept up to date which is critical to your business continuity.

Website Maintenance

We offer monthly maintenance, security, analytics and hosting to ensure that your site will be monitored and maintained with its contents kept up to date which is critical to business continuity.


We develop a tailored backup schedule so there’s always a recent backup of your site.  In the unlikely event a restore is required, you can rest assured that steps have been taken to ensure your website is easily recoverable.


We consistently manage updates to plugins, themes and WordPress core files by creating a staging environment where we test updates prior to publishing to your LIVE website.


We proactively keep websites safe.  We use one of the top rate security plugins to make sure your website is safe.   If a security risk is identified, we are alerted immediately so that we can quickly resolve the issue.


We do all the heavy lifting.  Our hosting solutions load fast for low bounce rate statistics.  This helps prevent visitors from leaving your website prematurely.


Frequently Asked Questions
How long is the agreement for?

We have a 12-month minimum agreement with an option to renew after your 1st full year with us for 6, 12 or 24 months.

Can I pay annually instead of monthly?

Yes, you can prepay for your plan of choice.

What is the difference between the plans Web Care and Web Care + Content?

Great question! Simply put, web care does not include content updates.

What happens if I miss a payment?

Unfortunately, we are unable to service your website and will have to cancel your plan.  There will be a reinstatement fee of $350 if you wish to continue.

My Website Wasn’t Made by You, Can I Apply?

Yes! However, we like to conduct a review of your current website.  We will review the framework, design, and look for any underlying issue(s) that could affect performance or us working together. During   the website evaluation, we provide a list of the necessary performance updates to your website for a flat non-refundable fee of $550. This includes a 45-minute review call and reporting.